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After over a year of development work we have created a smart light dimmer switch packed with attractive features. There is no similar product in the market which offers the rich combination of features in this product. Yet because of using advanced technology the cost of production of this smart light dimmer will be less than similar but inferior products currently on the market.

This smart light dimmer switch has been designed with the aim of providing a safe, luxury and convenient way of controlling lights. The unit can be easily installed in standard flush box in new as well as existing buildings and will give a unique and modern and stylish look to any place.

We are now looking for partners who can manufacture and distribute this patented light dimmer. We are confident that there is a great market potential for this product, specially for upmarket houses. This potential can be realised in a joint venture with an organisation which has successfully carried out previous projects in commercialising a new electronic item. If you are interested in commercialising this product, please contact us with your details covering your relevant experiences.


EzDim replaces a conventional light switch in the standard flush box fitted in a wall.
EzDim is controlled locally by a push button. A momentary push on the button will turn the light on if it is off and off if it is on. A continuous push on the button will brighten and dim the light
EzDim features a soft turn on. The light will gradually increase when the unit is turned on to avoid a sudden blast of light and also extend the life of the light bulb.
EzDim features a delayed and gradual turn off. It will give enough time for the user to leave the room before the light completely goes off, hence avoiding any potential danger due to sudden darkness.
EzDim can be set to a known light level. A number from 0 to 9 on the face of the EzDim indicates the light level.
EzDim can be controlled remotely by a home appliance remote controller.
EzDim can adopt to most household remote controller units, and therefore does not need its specific remote controller. This smart feature reduces the cost and also avoids addition of yet another remote controller unit to the collection of remotes already present in most households.
EzDim can control incandescent light bulbs up to 500W.
EzDim can be installed in a few minutes with just a screw driver.

If you are a manufacturer, dealer or distributor interested in EzDim click here.