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Video Processing Kit

VPK-DM642 includes an ultra-high speed (4800 MIPS) video processor board based on the TI leading edge Digital Media Processor DM642. It can process multiple video inputs in real time and transmit compressed images through its Ethernet port.

The versatile hardware of the VPK-DM642, its ultra-high processing power, and its seamless integration with the TI Code Composer Studio provides an ideal platform for evaluation and development of video, imaging and control applications. The VPK-DM642 can be used either as a standalone system or embedded in a larger system.

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Video Motion Detector IC



VMD-19 module is a patent pending video motion detector chip packaged in an 18 pin, standard 0.6" wide IC board.

This video motion detector chip can be directly connected to a composite video source and detect motion of objects within the video signal. This module is designed for use by OEM for inclusion in security cameras, VCR and DVR designs, video switchers, quad processors, multiplexers, etc.

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Outdoor Color Infra-red camera


IRC-910 is a color camera with builtin IR light to see in total darkness upto 15 meters away. The image is very clear and is suitable for video motion detection using our video motion detectors.

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Wachit VMD19-M
Video Motion Detector


Wachit VMD-19M is a patent pending innovative product based on our state-of-the-art VMD-19 video motion detector module.

Wachit VMD19-M turns an ordinary home VCR or DVD Recorderinto an intelligent video motion based real time video event recorder. Wachit VMD19-M can also be easily added to an existing home security system for recording visitors or intruders onto video tape on most popular home VCR brands or on DVD with a DVD recorder.

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VCR & DVD Recorder Conversion Module

VCM-10 "VCR & DVD Recorder Conversion Module" is a small (50mm x 35mm x 20mm) and easy to install module that can be installed inside an ordinary home VCR or DVD recorder and turn it into a motion activated security recorder. Installation has to be done by a competent electronics technician and is as easy as soldering a few wires to easily identifiable locations on the device. Installation is so easy that in most cases you do not even need the circuit diagram for the VCR or DVD.

WARNING: Installation may void the current warranty of your appliance. Installation has to be done by a qualified electronics technician to avoid electric shock and safety hazards.

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Remote Control Learner IC



IRL-10 is an 18 pin IC that can learn and reproduce 4 infra-red codes from most handheld remote controllers. This IC will enable an equipment to control most remote controllable appliances. For instance once included in a security camera, it will enable the camera to control a VCR for recording intrusions. Or connect a motion sensor to it and turn on a loud stereo to warn an intruder or welcome a visitor once a motion is detected. The applications for this IC are virtually unlimited.

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VCR Commander

Home Security with video made affordable!! VCR commander is an ideal solution for low cost video surveillance security systems. It can save you hundreds of dollars by turning an inexpensive home VCR unit into a video event recorder; A functionality that is expected from an expensive time lapse video recorder.

OEM Component: We offer the customized IC of the VCR commander to security camera manufacturers for inclusion in the design of a security camera. This 20 pin IC with minimal external circuitry enables a security camera which includes a PIR motion detector to trigger a home VCR to automatically start recording the camera picture in the event of an intrusion.

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EzDim is designed for those who would like the comfort of using their remote controller to operate their appliances and like to have something at their home that stands out from the crowd. EzDim is an attractive light dimmer switch which replaces a normal light switch. It learns codes from most infrared remote controller units. The remote controller can then be used to turn lights on and off and dim and brighten them. It has many other fantastic features.

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