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Video Motion Detector IC

"The most cost effective, intelligent and compact Video Motion Detector module available for CCTV equipment manufacturers."

VMD-19M module is a patent pending 18 pin, standard 0.6" wide IC board. It can be directly connected to a composite video and detect motion of objects within the video signal.


Analyses video signal to detect motion
Sensitivity is adjustable
Automatically adjusts to the scene light level
Automatically adjusts to the camera signal quality
Surface mount module minimizes space requirement
Eliminates the effects of video noise to minimize false alarms
Compatible with NTSC, PAL, EIA, CCIR and SECAM video standards
Video loss detection output
50mW Low power consumption
Minimum circuit configuration requires just 1 external component
Designed for inclusion in security cameras, VCR designs, Video switchers, quad processors, multiplexers, etc.
Very easy to integrate with existing designs



VCR- VMD-19 can be easily included in the design of a VCR and transform it into an intelligent video motion-detecting surveillance device. When a motion is detected within the video signal, the VCR will automatically start recording the scene. Once the motion is over, the VCR stops recording. This avoids hours of recording of non-eventful static images. There is no need for external triggering devices and additional wiring and cost etc.

Security Camera- Including the VMD-19 video motion detector module in a camera design enables the camera to detect motion in the video signal and start a VCR recording the event. There is no need for a PIR motion sensor and a bulky IR lens. VMD-19 analyses the video signal and detects activity in the scene.

Video Switcher- VMD-19 enables a multi-channel video switcher to monitor video signals, and activate a VCR recording, if a motion is detected in any of the channels. The video switcher can use the signal from the VMD-19 to fix the output video on the channel that contained the motion. In addition the video switcher can activate a buzzer to alert a security personnel.
Quad Processor- Similar to a Video Switcher, a quad processor can use the motion output signal from the VMD-19 to fix the video output to the channel that contained a motion. VMD-19 can detected motion in any of the video input channels.

Our experienced and competent engineers can assist you to integrate the VMD-19 into your next design and have one of the most unique products in todays highly competitive CCTV market.

Download Technical Reference   (300 KB)